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My Latest Blog Crush


Yes, it is wholly ridiculous to have a crush on anything other than a human being or a pet.  But blogs… blogs are special.  At their best, they not only inform but they also validate your cause, help you take that next step in your journey and (on that rare and lovely occasion) lead you down an unexpected but exciting new path of thought, discussion or action.

I love finding new blogs that interest me that I can share with other people.  I found two blogs (about blogging) that I think are great tools for anyone with blogs (and let’s face it, there are probably thousands of blogs online proclaiming to be essential help for bloggers).

Rather than run down a list of reasons why I like these two blogs, I’d love to hear if you find them helpfull and bookmark-worthy yourself!

The first blog is Launched in 2007, Blog Perfume mantra is simple and, like good perfume, very alluring:

We pick the best WordPress themes, plugins and blogging resources.

We love and enjoy blogging as much as you do. We would like to collect all the useful WordPress themes, plugins, and blogging resources for pro-bloggers. Makes Bloggers life a lot easier.

How can you not love that?  The content, the writing and the design of the site are just as clean, straightforward and alluring.


The second blog is a dedicated to social media and is called, aptly enough,  Socialized PR is an odd little blog that seems to have a lot to say (and, so far, I’m listening).  I also don’t want to post a picture of the blog as it will give away its unique design as well.  That is all I’m going to say about that (just check it out for yourself).




Jobs for Bloggers


It may not be a glamorous job, and you won’t retire wealthy with the meager salaries bloggers get paid, but if you love the craft and want to expand your blogging horizons, you might want to look into getting a full or part-time gig as a blogger (paid).  Whatever your interests are, there are blogs out there looking for people to write on the subject from their unique perspective.  Here’s one fact that gets overlooked about online content: there actually ISN’T ENOUGH OF IT (not quality content that is on par with journalists at newspapers).  That’s where YOU come in.

For those bloggers who find creating content on a regular basis to be difficult, you might want to try writing for a blog that features content you are interested in.  By working as a professional blogger (even just part time) you’ll be creating multiple opportunities for yourself and your brand including:

  • exercising your writing muscle and disciplining yourself to write regularly (especially when having to answer to a supervisor for your content);
  • you’ll get editorial feedback on your writing which will improve your craft and help you to define your voice;
  • building your blogging portfolio with diverse content;
  • building a reputation for yourself as a serious blogger in the industry (thereby making you an “expert”);
  • building an audience for your personal blog (which would be in your bio on any site you decided to work for);
  • establishing new contacts with people who can help you grow your personal blog; and
  • extra cash in your pocket.

It might be challenging to find the time to do it all (even just part time) but think of it as blogging boot camp with many benefits (including a pay check).  Worth taking a look!

I found a couple of great, reliable and respected online sources for bloggers looking for employment blogging for sites.  The first bogger job board is  This job board is clean and too-the-point (which I would expect from ProBlogger – the founder of this site, Darren Rowse, has one of the most popular and authoritative sites about blogging online – marketing genius).  Here is a clip of their job board:


Each listing on the board has the date of the entry, the specifics of the position (i.e., “Music Gadgets Blogger Wanted”) and the blog category (corporate blog, blog network, etc.).  The individual posts are very detailed and leaves nothing to the imagination.  One job post for a “TV Show Blogger” for Hero World Media reads:


We are looking for a freelance writer/blogger that can generate, on average, 10 articles per week (200-450 words each)

The subject matter is television related. You must be knowledgeable about popular TV shows such as Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, 24 etc, and current TV show news.

You will be an independent contractor and initially you will be paid on a per published post basis (ranges from US $3 to US $6). The basic compensation level will based on your experience and the type of content you generate (micro posts vs. standard articles vs. features).


* Be able to commit to 10 articles per week
* Be creative, critical, and articulate
* Have strong research/analysis skills. Check facts well.
* Be familiar with writing for the web and for impatient online audiences.
* Be familiar with using WordPress.
* Must be located in the US or Canada.

You should be comfortable with writing on a variety of tv related topics.

* The article must be posted in WordPress.
* Include at least one image in each article.
* Intelligent linking of post content to related subject matter and/or to related posts in the same blog
* Assign one primary and a few sub-categories to each post
* Tag all posts

How to apply

Please email samples of your work to kvnfleming(at)

Posted on: 03/16

Darren Rowse crosses out jobs that have been filled so anything that is on this job board is an OPEN POSITION unless noted otherwise (including the above position!).  You can find ProBlogger’s job board here.

The second blogger job site that I found to be very well managed with interesting blogging jobs that are updated regularly is

bloggerjobs-biz-siteIt describes itself as being “The inside track to a blogging career“.  Unlike ProBlogger (which is a site about blogging in general that features a job board). dedicated entirely to the search for blogging jobs.  It is also, appropriately, a blog about blog jobs.  So while you’ll definitely find job listings on the site, it contains much more to support bloggers looking to sustain careers as professional bloggers including directing them to other resources, offering great tips and being an open forum for discussion on blogging assignments.  To underscore my point, here is a list of the categories on the site:

Pretty extensive and varied!  What I like about this site is that, true to blog form, their job posts are not listed with job requirements being itemized like a grocery list.  Instead, a detailed post is done for each job in a more conversational tone.  They also give a bit more background info on the company, location, etc.  For example:

Two Blogging jobs from Splashpress Job Boards

One opening for a Metal/Rock outfit was posted by, which is an established online magazine who needs bloggers/writers for expansion. They need self-motivated people who are die hard metal/rock fans who can work independently posting on; news, interviews(formal and informal ones), album reviews plus a whole lot more. Current ranks are from Canada and the US and expansion to obtaining writers from overseas and anywhere else as a matter of fact. They need people who can properly manage time that would allow regular contributions, and also contribute to the growth of the site as well with suggestions and proper work ethics.

Definitely worth the click!  You never know what you’ll find and what kind of opportunities will come out of opening yourself up to working for and with other blogs!  No blogger is an island (okay, maybe a few are but that doesn’t mean you have to be).


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Mena Trott: How Blogs are building a friendlier world

Scrolling through (the conference video site) the other day, I came across a TED Talk given by none other than Mena Trott in 2006 (I so love TED’s archives — a treasure trove I tell you!).
Mena Trott is considered by many to be the founding mother of blogging.  After launching in 2001 (the blog that would put her on the internet map which she still maintains to this day),  Mena and her husband spent the next several years launching companies that built blogging platforms and tools that have helped millions of people and companies worldwide to create, manage and monetize blogs.  Their companies (and acquisitions) include:  Moveable Type, Vox, Typepad and Six Apart.
One of the things that I found funny about her talk is her absolute honesty about who she is as a person (“I am not that caring.  I am a blogger.  I talk about… myself.”).  A big part of being able to reach people (whether through blogs, tv, old media journalism or otherwise) is to be honest with who you are which is not always easy to do when you’re addressing, potentionally, thousands of strangers (many of whom would destroy your ego with a few choice words and click of a mouse).  She also mentions starting a blog because she was “unfullfilled” in her daily 9-5 job.
She then (after realizing she was probably not going to be famous to the entire world) set one goal for herself to accomplish with her blog:  to win the South by Southwest Web Blog Award.  That’s it.  One blog.  One goal. One award.  And from that, she built  companies.
After listening to Mena I asked myself (and I ask you):
What is your blog?      What is your one goal?     What will be your reward?

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