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Catching Up with Blog Academy Members Blogs

Hi everyone!   I hope everyone is doing and well and that all of your blogging dreams are coming to fruition! A few of our members have actually started their blogs and are well underway to being blogging badasses.  Here is an update:

Constantine Markides took the big leap and bought a hosting plan at and migrated his extensive library of essays from his now defunct blog at to his new and improved, self-hosted, blog Fourth Night at Now he is literally the master of his domain! The blog looks great and his essays are so thought-provoking and entertaining (for example, his post called The One Man Tent will grip you like a good novel – it’s refreshing to see this kind of quality writing on a blog!).  Constantine describes his professional skills in the “About” page as “Archaeological proficiency in the archaic newspaper and literary practices of late-twentieth century antiquity” (in other words, a journalist). With his creative fiction, photos (that he’s takes himself) and a fierce eye for beauty (I’ve seen his photos, he does have an eye for beauty) I honestly can’t wait to see his blog develop as time marches on.  You can find his blog here.  It’s an indulgence.

Steve Alleyne took the blogger plunge and launched his self-hosted blog at on  He uploaded his first blog post Dating on the north side of 40 following a very long-term relationship which is very funny and heartfelt (I mentioned in our first meeting how much I enjoy Steve’s writing – you will too – trust me!).  He describes himself in the following way on his “About Steve” page:  “I’m not quite old yet not as young as I used to be. However, I AM short. I’m dealing with it. [Shrug]” (that’s just the tip of Steve’s iceberg)

Steve shared with everyone in our first meetup that he had procrastinated with launching his blog for a couple of months and, now, he has a blog and a couple of posts up. Steve is a rock star. He admitted how tough it was (like giving birth) but he worked through it and gave his great writing a place to call blog-home.  You can find bits of Steve’s wisdom and humor on his blog at here.  Steve will be doing a guest post for the New York Blog Academy blog about his experience launching his site in the coming week!

Hermann Mazard just launched his blog (Thoughts of a Confused Enthusiast) this past weekend. Hermann has a lot to get off of his chest about the condition of America, how our government is handling our economic crisis and whether we can or will ever recover. He doesn’t mince words and thank god for that. His honestly and bluntness are refreshing and absolutely necessary (medicine isn’t supposed to taste good and sweet!).  Being a college professor, Hermann is very skilled at using the power of the pen to make a point that (though it may be sharp and cutting) is always wrapped in a well-researched, thoughtful essay. His very first post is Why Good Mortgages Goes Bad (warning: he spares no one (dead or alive) in this analysis of what really led to America’s the mortgage crisis and who is to blame). Great read and food for thought!

Jade Dressler (PR expert) sent me her two blogs and I’m so glad she did! The first blog (Jade Dressler) is her perspective on culture and the arts and what a truly unique perspective it is (I kid you not – and I worked in arts and entertainment!). It isn’t often that a blog can get you to see the ordinary in our surroundings in an extraordinary way (Jade does this with such ease I’m almost jealous!).  Her second blog (ITI Phone Home) is a hysterical and bizarre look at pop culture and celebrity from the perspective of someone who clearly is an alien in this strange land. In her “About Me” page she says of herself, unapologetically, “I know what I am and I’ve decided to out myself.”  Thank goodness.  Just blog every minute of it for us please.   Thank you.  Her latest post is “I HEART MAN BOOBS” and it is an ode to man-mammary that will crack you up!

Look for blogs soon from the delightful John Windsor-Cunningham who is in the process of launching his blog which will be a web video blog that will take a weekly comedic look at USA from a Brit p.o.v. (LOVE IT!!)

Also launching soon is Anat Fanti. As she explained in our first meetup, Anat is interested in helping people who are in dark and difficult situations (during these economically dire times) find the light in their situation and move towards it.  Indeed, Anat is a beautiful light herself who inspires people every day in ordinary conversation. One could only imagine how awesome and inspirational her blog is going to be!

As soon as John and Anat give me the word, I’ll share their blogs with all of you! Until then, let’s send them much support and positive blogging vibes! : )

CONGRATULATIONS to our members who launched blogs this past week.  Rock stars.  Each of you!


Please check out their blogs, subscribe to them and let them know what you think of their writing in the Comments sections of their blogs.

Blogging is not a destination — it’s a journey.

Warmth and good cheer,

Charlie : )

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What Blog Academy Members are Saying…


I’m excited at the prospect of meeting all of the members (72 members and counting) of The New York Blog Academy (especially tomorrow, at our first official meetup!).

Until then, I thought it might be interesting for you to see what members of New York Blog Academy are saying about their expectations for this meetup.  These are comments that have been left on our Meetup Homepage so feel free to mosie on over there, look at the comments and check out the profiles of our members to get acquainted with the group.

As you can see from the comments below, we have a lively group of people from various backgrounds (and with unique voices) in the New York Blog Academy meetup who are enthusiastic to meet one another and bring their blogging goals to fruition:

  • “ Excited at idea of having a blog, especially as I dont find it easy to learn new Internet things! I woreked for the National Theatre when I lived in the UK, and suspect can get quite a good blog going once I understand, and look forward to meeting others. ”
  • “A friend of mine roped me into it. We committed to becoming famous bloggers.”
  • “I am very interested in learning about blogging and how it will help me in presenting blogs as options for my clients.”
  • “I am on the verge of starting my own blog and looking for my voice and identity. So happy you are doing this, Charlie!”
  • “Sounds fantastic! ”
  • “I could use some guidance of course but also I think rubbing shoulders with those that are blogging regularly, or at least aspiring to, could be helpful. “
  • “This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in regards to my latest project! “
  • “Sounds like a great group! “
  • “I would like to start blogging. I need to write more often and I think this is the direction I should be going in.”
  • “I am process of creating my blog and I wanted to hone my craft. “
  • “Not sure what I’m looking for – but it sounds interesting…. “
  • “I have been blogging for a while and I have tried tons of different blogging platforms. I would love to share my ideas with the group and hopefully help others create amazing blogs. “
  • “I’m totally interested in making my blog pop and learn some new stuff to add on to make it more professional looking and spike up the content. I’m in… “
  • “It’s just what I need now! “
  • “I have a blog that has died due to lack of activity. I would love to be reinspired and get back in the game. “
  • “I’m a fiction writer with lots of friends who blog, and I’d like to better understand a form that’s really great when done well. “
  • Blogging brings up writer’s block for me. So, I like the idea of discussing the process with other blogphiles (or would-be bloggers). So, Phantom(e) “Charlie”, what are we in for???? Look forward to it.
  • “I’m a professional blogger and i’d like to meet other folks who want to blog”
  • “I’m very interested in blog writing. This sounds like an awesome group!”

Hope to see you at our first meetup tomorrow (if you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t worry, there will be many more Blog Academy meetups!).  And if you haven’t joined yet, please do:  New York Blog Academy Membership.


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