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Dean Meyers Presentation on Blogging

Moo cards for blogging workshop
Image by Mexicanwave via Flickr

We were very lucky to have Dean Meyers (visual problem solver) come speak with us at the last Meetup on March 14th.  He shared a wealth of knowledge and really illuminating some things about blogging that stumps most people!

Dean has generously forwarded me his slideshare presentation from our meetup for you review.  While you’re at it, take a look at Deans post from earlier today on how to overcome blogger‘s (writer’s) block.

You can follow Dean on Twitter at @deanmeistr.  His website is


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What Blog Academy Members are Saying…


I’m excited at the prospect of meeting all of the members (72 members and counting) of The New York Blog Academy (especially tomorrow, at our first official meetup!).

Until then, I thought it might be interesting for you to see what members of New York Blog Academy are saying about their expectations for this meetup.  These are comments that have been left on our Meetup Homepage so feel free to mosie on over there, look at the comments and check out the profiles of our members to get acquainted with the group.

As you can see from the comments below, we have a lively group of people from various backgrounds (and with unique voices) in the New York Blog Academy meetup who are enthusiastic to meet one another and bring their blogging goals to fruition:

  • “ Excited at idea of having a blog, especially as I dont find it easy to learn new Internet things! I woreked for the National Theatre when I lived in the UK, and suspect can get quite a good blog going once I understand, and look forward to meeting others. ”
  • “A friend of mine roped me into it. We committed to becoming famous bloggers.”
  • “I am very interested in learning about blogging and how it will help me in presenting blogs as options for my clients.”
  • “I am on the verge of starting my own blog and looking for my voice and identity. So happy you are doing this, Charlie!”
  • “Sounds fantastic! ”
  • “I could use some guidance of course but also I think rubbing shoulders with those that are blogging regularly, or at least aspiring to, could be helpful. “
  • “This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for in regards to my latest project! “
  • “Sounds like a great group! “
  • “I would like to start blogging. I need to write more often and I think this is the direction I should be going in.”
  • “I am process of creating my blog and I wanted to hone my craft. “
  • “Not sure what I’m looking for – but it sounds interesting…. “
  • “I have been blogging for a while and I have tried tons of different blogging platforms. I would love to share my ideas with the group and hopefully help others create amazing blogs. “
  • “I’m totally interested in making my blog pop and learn some new stuff to add on to make it more professional looking and spike up the content. I’m in… “
  • “It’s just what I need now! “
  • “I have a blog that has died due to lack of activity. I would love to be reinspired and get back in the game. “
  • “I’m a fiction writer with lots of friends who blog, and I’d like to better understand a form that’s really great when done well. “
  • Blogging brings up writer’s block for me. So, I like the idea of discussing the process with other blogphiles (or would-be bloggers). So, Phantom(e) “Charlie”, what are we in for???? Look forward to it.
  • “I’m a professional blogger and i’d like to meet other folks who want to blog”
  • “I’m very interested in blog writing. This sounds like an awesome group!”

Hope to see you at our first meetup tomorrow (if you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t worry, there will be many more Blog Academy meetups!).  And if you haven’t joined yet, please do:  New York Blog Academy Membership.


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Who are the Bloggers?


I was just perusing through Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008. Every year, Technorati releases this report to document the evolving trends  and statistics in blogging as well as the impact of blogging in our lives.  Traditionally, they focus on trends and statistics but for 2008 they decided to actually survey and speak in depth with bloggers about how and why they blog.

The report is broken down into the following sections:

I was most interested in the people behind the blogs which is reported on in Who Are the Bloggers.   According to Technorati’s research, Bloggers are a diverse hodge-podge sampling of the population and more well-off financially than even I guessed:

Bloggers are not a homogeneous group, but they are an educated and affluent one: three out of four U.S. Bloggers are college graduates, and 42% have attended graduate school. They skew male, and more than half have a household income over $75,000.

They are experienced: although it has only recently exploded into the mainstream, blogging is not a new phenomenon. Half of Bloggers are on their second blog, and 59% have been blogging for more than two years.

They divide blogging into three distinct categories:

  • Personal: blog about topics of personal interest not associated with your work
  • Professional:  blog about your industry and profession but not in an official capacity for your company
  • Corporate:  blog for your company in an official capacity.

As I suspected, most Bloggers fall into the first category (personal blogging).

Four out of five bloggers are personal bloggers who blog about topics of personal interest. About half of bloggers are professional bloggers — blogging is not necessarily their full-time job, but they blog about their industry or profession in an unofficial capacity. 12% of bloggers blog in an official capacity for their company.

But things get complicated quickly because most people have many interests and goals and, therefor, their blogging reflects their multifaceted lives.  Having two or three blogs is now normal (and expected).  So, many of us fit into all three of the above categories.  Technorati illustrates this fact of the blogosphere below:


All of this made me think about the members of New York Blog Academy and whether or not we reflect (to some degree) Technorati’s findings.

Take a look at the members in our group and read their profiles (63 members so far).  We are very diverse!  Some members are blogging for the very first time while others are, like the Technorati data above points out, are among the majority of people who have several blogs that fall into all three blogging categories.  It’s exhilerating to see so many faces from various backgrounds all coming together in the name of creative and professional expression.

This diversity in our backgrounds as well as our various blogging goals and and experience assures us that we will have enlightening and lively discussions and learn  a lot from each other.

I look forward to our first Meetup this Saturday!  To learn more about the Meetup and to RSVP, visit our events page here.



First Meetup: “Dude, Where’s My Blog?”

Our first Meetup is scheduled for Saturday, March 14th at 4PM!

If you don’t have a blog but would like to start one for the very first time, or if you already have a blog but it has been so long since you last updated it that you’ve forgotten your own URL, then our first Meetup (“Dude, Where’s My Blog?“) is for you.

This Meetup will be our introduction to each other, an opportunity to share our individual blogs and a great way to establish firm goals for our blogs and for this Meetup group (from creative to technical).

I am also excited to introduce you to New Work City who has generously offered to support our Meetup by allowing us to meet at their co-working space.  For those of you who work from home daily instead of an office (new entrepreneurs who can’t afford the expense of renting office space, recently unemployed, students, etc.) but need to have a slightly more structured environment and other people to work around to foster your creativity and productivity, co-working is an inexpensive alternative to noisy coffee shops.

New Work City is a co-working force of nature in New York and a tremendous support to startups, aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers.  Learn more about them here and, of course, check out their blog!

More details of the Meetup will be posted here and at our Meetup site soon including the identity of our first Guest Blogger (a professional blogger who will share specific insight into how they blog, what worked for them and what didn’t).

For details and to RSVP for “Dude, Where’s My Blog?” here and stay tuned!


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