Blog Academy is a Meetup group I established in February 2009 in New York.  At Blog Academy, our focus is on creating engaging, consistent content for our blogs that reflects vision we have for our blogs and our unique voice.

At each Blog Academy Meetup through helpful insights, supportive critique and exercises, we learn how to build a better blog.  Far from being just about the technical aspect of blogging, we will be focusing also on the creation and propagation of content on your blog (its heart and soul).  Who are you?  What are you trying to say?  Does anyone care and, if not, why?  How do we achieve and maintain substance over style to draw and KEEP people coming back?

Using real life examples, guest lecturers who have created some of the most popular blogs today and, of course, through personal exercise and homework, we will learn how to build a better blog and communicate our thoughts and who we are to the world so that they “get it”.

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